New Nursery!!

It seems like 2012 just started and so much progress has already been made! Somehow we are already in the month of April - it feels like just yesterday we hosted many of you at Vision For Egypt 2012 back in February! My how time does fly!

Since then, we have come so far - what an incredible year 2012 has been for us thus far...and we are only 4 months into it! Here are some exciting new updates since Vision For Egypt:

1. WE GOT ACCESS TO WATER!!! That's right - more than half of our homes have access to running water! THANK YOU to all those who gave toward this project and are continuing to give so we can ensure the rest of us access water! Remember, it's never too late to donate toward those projects:

2.We are EXPANDING our SOLAR ELECTRICITY project to another home!!

3. We are BUILDING A NURSERY from the ground up!

Most children in our community do not get a fair chance at school because they are not equipped with the proper training that pre-schools provide them (learning how to write their name, drawing a straight line, colors, etc.) We are investing in this dynamic and unique educational opportunity for children/toddlers to get a head start at school here in the village!

We are employing teachers from within the community to run this nursery,making sure all money spent goes right back into the community!

100% of all donations go toward the community so rest assured - you are making an impact!

Here's how YOU can help: - Donate bookshelves - Donate benches, folding chairs, children's chairs - Donate children's books, curriculum, coloring books (all in Arabic please) - Donate children's school supplies (crayons, pencils, notebooks, etc.) - Financial donation

If you're interested in donating, contact us to find out where you can drop the stuff off or arrange for pick up! Email us at or fill out our volunteer contact sheet here:

- The Remnant