Project Literacy

Today marks the launch of Project Literacy! 

We we are providing literacy courses and tailored tutoring for children 7-12 years old who have never had the chance to go to school, since they have to collect garbage to make a living. Children tutoring and literacy classes 2-3 times a week for 2 hours at a time. We aim at targeting over 130 children who are currently illiterate in the garbage village, and need to learn how to read and write in order to have a better chance at their future. 

Additionally, next month we are launching an Adults Literacy Course for adults between the ages of 15-40 who never learned to read or write and cannot get admittance back into school. 

Project Literacy aims to train and graduate 50 children per year, empowering them with literacy skills like reading and writing, but also teaching them how to think about their futures and livelihoods, as well as training them in healthy community practices and conduct. 

Transformation takes time. One day, one lesson, one child at a time. Our goal is to ensure this community has the essential tools they need to get out of poverty in the way that's best for them. 

To partner alongside us, please consider helping in the following ways:

1. Sponsor a child - $30/month can sponsor a child to receive education materials, a snack/meal, literacy courses, and peer-to-peer mentorship

2. Support Project Literacy - any financial donation will help us ensure the sustainability of Project Literacy for the upcoming year, where we will need to provide school supplies, teacher's salaries, meals, and more for children in need

3. Write Letters/ Send Photos - Help a child in the garbage village know they're cared for by providing short notes/letters or photos to let them know they're thought of from any part of the world. Letters/photos can be emailed to: 

4. Social Media - Follow us on Facebook @ A Remnant Remains and help us spread the word about Project Literacy! 

First day of Project Literacy with our young leaders!

First day of Project Literacy with our young leaders!