Many people may not know that there is a close connection between the renewable energy industry and recycling. To put it simply, recycling helps preserve the planet and enhances all forms of renewable energy. There have been countless studies published on renewable energy and according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the most frequently used renewable resources are biomass, water, geothermal, wind and solar energy (  Energy supply in the Arab world is expected to deplete in the next 30-50 years. to give you a sense of what this means for Egypt, we have to look at Egypt's solar potential. Egypt has an average potential solar radiation of 2,000 to 3,200kWh/square meter/year (Norton R. Fulbright, Jan. 2013). A Remnant Remains is trying to step into this needs opportunity for solar energy and improve lives of slum dwellers in the process by making them part of the energy solution through RECYCLING.

ARR’s Renewable & Recycling Program provides solar electricity through a first of its kind solar node system, powering 3-5 homes through one central node. We invest in the community by providing training on the importance of renewable energy, cost sharing, and energy efficiency. Prior to ARR’s work in the slum, most homes did not have any access to electricity and the other half operated from generator fuel. Our recycling program focuses on income generation and entrepreneurism by investing in innovative technologies such as the hydraulic press.

Garbage collectors can now own a large part of the waste management supply chain, sourcing their trash into cash. ARR has increased income potentials for households, enabling garbage collectors to produce 1,000 tons of raw materials in 1 month. ARR employs community members to run the program and provides business training. 

We are committed to this community increasing their earning potential with the hopes of getting out of poverty. If you'd like to join our team of stakeholders and donors who have made this project possible, please donate today or contact us for more information.