The Power of Giving: Giving Tuesday + Beyond!

The Power of Giving


During the holidays, we often get caught up in the chaos of consumerism- buying Christmas gifts for ourselves, our family, and loved ones. It's a wonderful season that can quickly be stripped of the joy and wonder by frantic consumerism, advertisements, and social media vying for our attention.

This holiday season, we want to challenge you to Give to people outside your immediate circle - people in need. The people who often need the most are the ones who tend to say the least or have the least access to resources like social media to express their need.

On Giving Tuesday, the Remnant challenges you to give to people in need, both near and far. Below are organizations that we chose and recommend for you to Give to - not just today but this Holiday season and beyond.

Below you'll find need in 5 different nations. 5 different organizations. Give to one or give to all!

1. A Remnant Remains - Provide access to jobs and basic resources like solar electricity and water to residents of the garbage village in Egypt. Your funds will go toward expanding income generation projects, providing holiday packages and meals to families in need, as well as contribute to solar panel installation on village homes.

Solar Light to the Remnant, Egypt- Click to watch video

2. New Reality International ( - Help NRI build a sustainable children's village in Haiti by donating to their work through Project 7.

3. Global Unites ( - Empower youth to partake in conflict resolution at the Global Unites Summit in Sri Lanka in 2015. Your funds enable youth from 25 different nations to attend the summit and actively work toward conflict transformation for their nations.

4. Alabastar Mobile Clinic ( - Help provide essential medical supplies and equipment to rural villages in Kenya by donating to AMC.

5. Goonj( - Provide flood relief in India while supporting innovative recycling programs that are contributing to getting children out of poverty in India.

Happy Giving!

- The Remnant