Mission Statement

A Remnant Remains is a registered 501(c)3  non-profit organization committed to poverty reduction and sustainable development in the garbage villages of Egypt. We harness the entrepreneurial talent of garbage collectors and build their capacity to recycle through more efficient technologies, increasing their earning potential.  Local community members are the key to achieving goals such as access to resources (water, solar electricity), training, and skill-based employment. We function for the sole purpose of empowering a marginalized remnant of society tasked with the burden of collecting Cairo's waste.


Our Goal

We aim to draw attention to an essential yet undermined community in the heart of Cairo, namely, garbage collectors. Every day, men, women, and children (mainly children) collect and sort over 10,000 tons of waste. That's right, 10,000 tons. There are nearly 120,000 garbage collectors in Cairo, a city generating nearly 14,000 tons of waste per day. With a population of 19 million, you can see why these garbage collectors are so essential to society.

The problem is: they bear the burden, but not the benefits.

They receive minimal compensation and no recognition or integration, leaving them with a great price to pay including: high rates of illiteracy, child mortality, and widespread disease and poverty. But there's also much more to this community than meets the eye. Our goal is to empower this community and harness their essential recycling skills to re-integrate them back into society through the value add of waste management as well as through key partnerships with local, private, and public sectors.

Our Work:

Since its founding in 2010, ARR has provided solar power energy through an innovative solar-node system promoting energy saving and sustainable practices as well as consistent and sustainable access to water by brokering contracts with local authorities. ARR has served as a bridge between an ostracized and outcast community, allowing community members to take the lead in mobilizing change for their lives through job creation, education, access to healthcare, and income generation. Our mission is to empower people who are at the base of the pyramid in societies to rise above the rubble of poverty by providing them a holistic and process based model of empowerment that is community driven. Our method involves community participation and input at the program and project design phase, ensuring that 100% of the projects we start are sustained by the community at hand.

In every community, we believe there is a Remnant of people that remain who rise above the insurmountable challenges that face them - We believe in the power of the few to mobilize the rest. This is the Remnant that Remains.