True to our mission that all projects ARR undertakes will be sustainable, we have piloted the first of its kind, Scalable Solar Electricity Node system in one of the poorest garbage villages in Egypt. This solar node system powers multiple (3-4) homes at once, proving to be cost effective in a country like Egypt, a hot spot for sun and heat retention. The sustainable and unique aspect of our project design is that this solar panel node system promotes cost sharing, community building, collaboration, and energy and resource preservation as families share their access to electricity through one central node system. Households are trained pre-installation on energy preservation, meter readings, and understanding the value and importance of consuming electricity through this community based model. Our solar node system is scalable, with the intent of building numerous node systems in the community in order to power all homes in the community with solar electricity. Donate today to bring light, power, and electricity to a household in need!